Re: [dwm] dinput-0.1 - dynamic input

From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 10:47:05 +0100 (CET)

It's called "yakuke" for kde or "tilda" for gnome. I've been using them
before I met dwm/wmii (on icewm), but I don't need them on dwm or so,
because the tiling and tagging methods are enought for me.

BTW tilda/yakuake are 'bloated' stuff compared to dwm or so. Would be
cool to have this feature. btw what you're looking for is something similar
to one of the concepts of the aborted stereowm, the push/pop feature, and
would be cool to have a per-desktop push/pop or so, but imho this is out
of the dwm approach and can be easily implemented out of the wm.


> Christian Dietrich <> writes:
>> * Anselm R. Garbe <> [Mar 13 2007 18:45] wrote:
>>> I tried it, but I prefer a terminal for this job ;)
>> Yes, but the problem i have with an terminal: i only want to see the
>> input when i want something to say, but this would end in an
>> rearrangement of windows, when i use an editor.
> It may be useful to provide a terminal that appears on keypress and
> disappears on another keypress. The terminal could be always in
> floating mode. Then it would go like this:
> Press key.
> Terminal appears, floating above other windows.
> Type your stuff.
> Press key.
> Terminal disappears.
> I think it would be useful not to start a new terminal each time, as
> by reusing the terminal one could use the history.
> It is not clear to me how to make a window disappear and reappear
> again.
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