Re: [dwm] 9ubuntu?

From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:27:13 +0100 (CET)

I'm the current maintainter of "bluewall", a gnu/linux distribution
based on debian(base) and pkgsrc. The goals of this distro was to
create a simple system base to be able to use pkgsrc on top of it
and progressively remove the debian stuff from the base.

It aims to be a minimalistic distribution, but dropping the debian
bloatware is hard work for only one person with better things to do.

Nowadays this project is stopped, but I would like to follow the
development. The current base of bluewall is what all we want from
a base system (gcc, make, no cron, no exim, no nano, ...).

The X windows system can be installed from debian or from pkgsrc. And
maintaining a pkgsrc system is almost easy and well structured.

I know that none of this is 'suckless-style' but, it's a nice base
for most of C developers.

Maintain and organize a new distribution is really a HARD work,
create init scripts, maintain packages, etc.. So, recycling other
people's work is good imho. (bluewall is maintained by a set of makefile
and shellscripts)

It could probably be good to design a minimalistic and well designed
dist base, (that I would really appreciate, because GNU sucks) Maybe
mixing a bit of plan9, NetBSD, uclibc and related projects we could
achieve a nice minimalistic distro.

But this is imho a lot of work and I don't know how many people is
interested on that.

BTW, create a few debian metapackages to provide these programs with
a basic configuration is really easy and all debian-based distros will
benefit a minimalistic roof on top of a bloated base.



> Hi there,
> during last week I evaluated Windows Vista during my freetime -
> I'm not surprised... The whole system is too slow for me and
> contains only few innovations I consider useful (well most of
> them are also part of OS X, though I'm not uptodate with OS X).
> To a long-year X/wmii/dwm user the most annoying part in Windows
> Vista is the inefficient cut'n'paste handling and the manual
> window organization (even the mouse-driven Snarfing of Plan 9 is
> faster than this braindamaged and inconsistent cut'n'paste
> handling of Windows).
> The trip with Windows Vista lead to a reinstallation of ubuntu
> on my notebook (because I had to re-partition my disk), but the
> ubuntu installation also was very disappointing, because of
> this retarded Gnome environment (XFCE, KDE and Gnome altogether
> are pretty similiar to the Vista Desktop)...
> With each ubuntu/debian installation I have to install dozens
> of packages to setup my system as I like it to be, this sucks.
> I can't even use a live cd to run my environment on any computer
> - the stuff by Michael Prokop called grml (
> contains too much stuff I don't regularly use - although it
> comes very near to what I'd like to have.
> I also notice that there is no real Linux distribution with the
> flavor 'designed for C hackers and 9 lovers' out of the box
> (grml closes the gap for sys admins). So I got the idea that I'd
> like to see a new ubuntu flavor called 9ubuntu for '9 lovers and
> C hacker ubuntu' which comes packed with dwm/wmii and all
> necessary tools for developing C code (*-dev, vim, gcc,
> make, plan9ports,...) instead of those clunky desktop
> environments.
> What do people think about this idea? Even if this might not
> be officially supported by the ubuntu community, I'd like to see
> something like this, because I need it. Is there anyone
> interested to initiate such a project?
> Regards,
> --
> Anselm R. Garbe >< >< GPG key: 0D73F361
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