[dwm] swm-0.1 - selecting window manager

From: Enno \ <gottox_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:55:06 +0100


On monday I've got a great idea how I can improve my environment. As I
often use only one window by tag, I considered how I can remove tags
from dwm. The result is called selecting.

At first glance it looks a little bit oldschool, because one window
can only have two states: shown and not shown. But nevertheless we can
dynamicly set windows shown or not shown by using regexp.

This is very flexible, simple and powerfull. I start hacking dwm
tuesday. The result is called swm - selecting window manager[1]. In contrast
to dwm-3.6.1 - which is the base for this proof of concept - it saves 209
lines. I tried it a little and I think it feels good. What do you think about
this concept?

Before you try it please be sure you read the swm manpage and config.default.h.



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