Re: [dwm] swm-0.1 - selecting window manager

From: pancake <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 14:58:21 +0100

This is my opinion tips about swm:

 - I feel more comfortable on default dwm keybindings
 - the manpage is wrong: mod1-s goes to the next window instead
   of allowing to choose the selection (it's meta+a) (typo: Shist => Shift)
 - I like this approach of tagging windows by regexps and grouping them
   by regexped keywords. It's really useful.
 - I like the second master window size (in dwm all tiled frames of each
   column have the same size, and it's better to have a different dimensions
   (master = 70%, submaster = 30%)
 - I don't like to be restricted to only two windows in the master area.
 - I don't like the default border color of the selected window (it is not
   much eye-friendly and a bit confusing)
 - I love the alt+space feature of dwm which swm lacks. (at least by default)
 - I would like that alt+1, 2, 3 ... switch between current defined keywords,
   not between hardcoded ones. This way you can recicle information and avoid
 - Moving windows in floating mode (alt+click+mouse) is broken or does not work
   well at all, because of the center-mouse-on-window stuff.
 - I love the zoom (alt+enter) feature in floating mode (which dwm lacks in latests version)
 - i rather prefer the status bar at top of the screen O:)

This is just a personal opinion and a comparision between dwm and swm, I would like
to see some of these stuff included into dwm, so, i don't like the forks of forks of
forks if the root project can be enhaced with such features.

I think most of the features of swm should be discussed and enhaced, It shows some
interesting stuff, but it needs more feedback and discussion.


On Wed, 14 Mar 2007 13:55:06 +0100
"Enno \"Gottox\" Boland" <> wrote:

> Hi!
> On monday I've got a great idea how I can improve my environment. As I
> often use only one window by tag, I considered how I can remove tags
> from dwm. The result is called selecting.
> At first glance it looks a little bit oldschool, because one window
> can only have two states: shown and not shown. But nevertheless we can
> dynamicly set windows shown or not shown by using regexp.
> This is very flexible, simple and powerfull. I start hacking dwm
> tuesday. The result is called swm - selecting window manager[1]. In contrast
> to dwm-3.6.1 - which is the base for this proof of concept - it saves 209
> lines. I tried it a little and I think it feels good. What do you think about
> this concept?
> Before you try it please be sure you read the swm manpage and config.default.h.
> regards
> Gottox
> [1]
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> - Real Community Distro
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