[dwm] st: a few questions from a 9term user

From: David <goodluv_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 18:28:51 -0400

Hello. I'm an avid dwm user and I've been looking for a terminal
to go with it. Right now I use rxvt-unicode, but the time it takes to launch
is almost unacceptable. I'm hoping st will be the slim, unicode-
capable terminal I need.

That said, I'm curious of any inclination to include features found
in 9term, like the line wrapping, line-editing, and its general handling
of things that belong in the terminal, not something like readline. I had
a rude awakening when I switched my default shell to heirloom sh
(which doesn't use readline), only to find that none of the terminals
supported all of the escape codes I'm used to using. I really don't know
much about unix terminals but the whole readline thing seems like a
huge mess and I'm glad that 9term doesn't deal with it at all. There
are programs (like the chicken scheme interpreter) that don't use
readline yet the line-editing features of 9term fit in seamlessly which
I really appreciate.

But 9term has its problems too, and my screen is often an amalgam
of 9term and urxvt windows. I'd like to be able to use only one terminal.
Will st be that perfect blend?
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