Re: [dwm] [patch] Tomati patch for 4.4.1

From: y i y u s <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 18:11:53 +0200

> I just wrote a small patch to dwm 4.4.1 called tomati (for
> TOggleMAxTIled). It's purpose is to allow the use of the togglemax
> function on tiled windows. I tested it a little and it seems to me
> that it behave as it should be.

I had a similar patch, after using it for some time I found annoying
that when I focus another client I can't see it, I have to unmax it or
change to float mode first. I think it is more confortable if you add
this to client.c in the focus function:

        if(sel && sel != c) {
+ if(sel->ismax && !isfloating() && !c->isfloating)
+ togglemax(NULL);
                grabbuttons(sel, False);
                XSetWindowBorder(dpy, sel->win, dc.norm[ColBorder]);
        if(c) {

And btw, you don't need the wasfloating toggle. Instead, you can set
the rw and/or rh to 0 to know they were tiled. But I suppose one more
Bool doesn't hurt, and it is clearer this way.


- yiyus || JGL .
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