Re: [dwm] column layout revival?

From: David Tweed <>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 20:35:49 +0100

This isn't a generic supertile implementation, but FWIW the code I've
put the code currently using up at

in case it's of use to anyone. The dwm codebase "works" on multiple
monitors already via xinerama, my mods just provide routines for
utilising this extra space in a more natural manner.

I haven't extracted patches (yet) because

1. work is insane atm
2. there are several related modifications that I find go together
(more than two columns, number of columns remembered per tag, support
for aspect ratio clients, etc) that it'd be difficult to produce a
orthogonal patches.
3. I don't follow the suckless coding ideals.

No doc, but as a brief desc: layout has a configurable number n of
"full columns", layout puts stuff in n full columns, then columns with
STCK_COL_SZ clients in them up until the final column where it puts
all the rest of the visible clients. Clients listed as ones where you
should respect the aspect ratio are attempted to be scaled so they
keep the aspect ratio implied by client requests (designed for things
like image viewers, video, etc) unless to do so would take too much

M=ModKey,C-Ctrl, S-Shift

MC-n: add 1 to number of cols on current tag
MCS-n: decrease by 1 number of cols on current tag
M-n: add 1 to number of full cols on current tag
MS-n: decrease by 1 number of full cols on current tag

Warning: I get occasional lockups in the XSync() in drawstatus, but I
_think_ that's because my X can lock up if it receives certain font
characters to render (no idea why); might be wrong thought.

cheers, dave tweed__________________________
Rm 124, School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading.
"we had no idea that when we added templates we were adding a Turing-
complete compile-time language." -- C++ standardisation committee
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