Re: [dwm] dmenu patches: case insensivity, common keys, emacs keys

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 21:48:04 +0200

On Sat, Sep 22, 2007 at 09:38:10PM +0200, Michał Janeczek wrote:
> Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> > Can you elaborate on this case-insensitivy subject? Why does
> > window switching require this?
> >
> > Maybe I'll consider this patch for mainstream dwm if you point
> > me to good reasons.
> Strictly speaking, window switching does not require this, but should
> be helpul. The reason for this is that window titles contain
> mixed-case words more often than other typical inputs for dmenu.
> Case insensitive input is only a matter of convenience, as sometimes
> you have an idea where do you want to switch, but don't want to be
> bothered with remembering exact case. Ido doesn't completely solve
> this, only trades one inconvenience for another - remembering which
> letters are upcase and using the shift key for remembering lowercase
> substrings.
> Alternative approach - downcasing the window list before passing it to
> dmenu can cause loss of information and unnecessary ambiguity. (What
> if I have windows "Window" and "window"?)

Ok, then I see no reason anymore to match case sensitive. My
input is lowercase anyways most of the time. So a flag won't be
necessary at all.

> > Sorry, I disagree. The opposite of using flag-based comparisions
> > seems more nasty. But actually first I need good reasons to
> > accept that case-insensitive pattern matching is necessary at
> > all (and if so, what's with ido-matching?
> Please see the new patch I posted under the title "Fixed
> case-insensitivity patch", it also implements and uses
> case-insensitive strido().

BUT I see now several reasons to add a commandline flag for
enabling strido matching, which should be disabled by default.


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