Re: [dwm] dmenu patches: case insensivity, common keys, emacs keys

From: Michał Janeczek <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 21:38:10 +0200

Anselm R. Garbe wrote:
> Can you elaborate on this case-insensitivy subject? Why does
> window switching require this?
> Maybe I'll consider this patch for mainstream dwm if you point
> me to good reasons.

Strictly speaking, window switching does not require this, but should
be helpul. The reason for this is that window titles contain
mixed-case words more often than other typical inputs for dmenu.
Case insensitive input is only a matter of convenience, as sometimes
you have an idea where do you want to switch, but don't want to be
bothered with remembering exact case. Ido doesn't completely solve
this, only trades one inconvenience for another - remembering which
letters are upcase and using the shift key for remembering lowercase
Alternative approach - downcasing the window list before passing it to
dmenu can cause loss of information and unnecessary ambiguity. (What
if I have windows "Window" and "window"?)

> Sorry, I disagree. The opposite of using flag-based comparisions
> seems more nasty. But actually first I need good reasons to
> accept that case-insensitive pattern matching is necessary at
> all (and if so, what's with ido-matching?

Please see the new patch I posted under the title "Fixed
case-insensitivity patch", it also implements and uses
case-insensitive strido().

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