Re: [dwm] How to properly execute DWM from GDM?

From: Giorgio Lando <>
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2007 11:24:15 +0200


> Hey guys,
> I apologize if this is a newbie question but I couldn't seem to figure it out. I recently installed GDM and added a 'dwm.desktop' file under /usr/share/gdm/BuiltInSessions. I am now getting it to show up on the session list. However, I can't get it to execute my .xinitrc. How is this done?

.xinitrc is executed as a shell script by xinit (see 'man
xinit'). In general, the display managers do not execute his contents
(but they allow different ways of defining what to execute at the start
of a session). Anyway, I do not see why not to try:


although this somewhat trivializes the need of a display manager.
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