[dwm] some opinions

From: Robert Figura <nc-figuraro_AT_netcologne.de>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 03:20:46 +0200

Hi folks,

I have worked on my sandbox again and would like to share some
opinions. A new modified version of dwm is again downloadable via


In the attachment you can find part of the modifications as patch to
dwm.c. This patch is to help the discussion here and won't work without
a proper config.h, so i suggest to download the tarball from the url
above anyways.

I tried to move some of the modifications i made in dwm.c to the
separate xtile.c file. And that's where my first opinion comes from:

xtile.c's stickyview() function needs the only three global variables
that aren't available at the inclusion of config.h. See patch for my
quick hack.

The next opinion is that there should be a configuration mechanism for
buttonpress() similar to keypress(). A partial solution can be found
in the patch and the problem follows close up: How to give a client *
to a handler?

Resize hinting appeals to me. But it leads to nasty problems. In tiling
modes it felt right to allow shrinking and incremental hinting. I also
think these features should be configurable via rules[]. The code for
this is in applyrules() and currently works only with xtile.c's tilers.

The other thing with resizehints is that the last client gets the
benefit from the space saved. I'd like to layout the clients in reverse
order but that'd mean more hacking than i'm currently willing to do.

Of course: The *correct* way to do this would be calculating all
dimenstions in a separate pass but then i'm quite sure that this method
won't have many fans here. So we'll have to live with the occasional
waste of space at the bottom.

While testing with OJ Mixer i found something in configurerequest()
which i would consider a bug. OJ Mixer has a button to toggle the size
of it's window. I think arrange() really should be called there.

Maybe i haven't understood dwm's togglemax() feature but i think
something like anydot's monocle is better. I made a slightly different
conception which allows one to change the visible window via the
focusnext()/prev() keys.

End of Opinions.

Recently i found out that i can save some mouseclicks with sticky tags
and roll() (formerly named unzoom(), pronounce dump()) and that it was
worth the effort. (Wink wink)

  - Robert Figura

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