Re: [dwm] Taglayouts poll

From: pancake <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 16:56:50 +0200

It is already on the wiki:

I never had the need to use this patch. But for my eyes this patch needs
more work. it's using dynamic memory allocation for something that it is
already static and defined in config.h.

-unsigned int* ltidxs;
+unsigned int ltidxs[NTAGS];

so, no need to alloc/free, the patch will be cleaner and simpler...

While writing this..i decided to write the patch I had to move
one variable definition after the config.h include, now it saves
7 LOCs (adds 12 lines)

Tha patch is attached.


On Fri, 26 Oct 2007 10:07:01 -0400
"Jeremy O'Brien" <> wrote:

> I was just wondering how many people here use Jan's taglayouts patch.
> Personally, I won't upgrade to a new version of dwm unless that patch
> has been updated as well (or if I can update it myself). I find it
> indispensable. I guess what I'm getting at is if you guys think it
> should be included in the main dwm tree? (More of a question to Arg I
> think ;) )
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