Re: [dwm] some opinions

From: Robert Figura <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 19:12:24 +0200

Hi List,

"Anselm R. Garbe" <> wrote:
> I consider the idea of having a Button struct for 4.7.

Thank you for your reply Anselm.

One thing made me curious; do you already have an idea how to adress

>> How to give a client * to a handler?

Or do you plan not to buttonstruct the button events on client windows?

Whatever... I got some more important things to tell:

This one idea i'd especially like to see included:

>> ... needs the only three global variables
>> that aren't available at the inclusion of config.h.

Let me rephrase it. The variables ntags, seltags[] and prevtags[]
aren't available for extension in a .c file included from config.h. Is
this policy (you don't want the people to write their own view()
routine) or do you, as it may not be, care at all?

There is one more point i'd like to know the rationale behind rejection:

>> While testing with OJ Mixer i found something in configurerequest()
>> which i would consider a bug. OJ Mixer has a button to toggle the size
>> of it's window. I think arrange() really should be called there.

In short: Why shouldn't the layout react on a client changing size?

Then there is one thing i wrote but then found out that we're there

>> The other thing with resizehints is that the last client gets the
>> benefit from the space saved. I'd like to layout the clients in reverse
>> order but that'd mean more hacking than i'm currently willing to do.

Don't know how it eluded me but clients are already doubly linked.
Maybe i haven't seen it because i didn't notice any code using it...

  - Robert Figura
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