Re: [dwm] Characters still mess up in Xterm/RXVT

From: Anselm R. Garbe <>
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 14:20:47 +0100

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 02:11:24PM +0100, Pieter Verberne wrote:
> for example, when I type 'ls' I get this:
> $ ls
> altroot boot bsd.rd etc mnt root stand tmp var
> bin bsd dev home obsd sbin sys usr
> Now I open a new xterm (Alt+Shift+Enter) and hit Alt+Enter to switch
> back to my previous xterm with the ls. All I see now is this:
> $ ls
> altroot boot bsd.rd etc mnt root
> bin bsd dev home obsd sbin
> $

Known xterm limitation, there is no way except screen(1) to fix

> Another problem I often get with Nvi is that after resizing xterm, VI
> gives the following error:
> +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+
> Window resize interrupted
> text input mode
> And when I type 'j' :
> Error: move: l(19) c(48) o(0

Hmm, that looks like some nvi bug.

> (Anselm R. Garbe: You are working on st wich should solve these issues,
> isn't it? How is st doing now?)

st is designed to remember and rearrange the line buffer
according to window sizes, as long as you're not using a real VT
mode application like vi -- hence ls output will be reformatted
correctly. But if a VT app is running, it controls the whole
window area, so st can't help there.

See st as a mixture of 9term and xterm. VT mode apps will be
handled in a separate buffer in any case.


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