Re: [dwm] Xinerama: back to the roots

From: Ritesh Kumar <>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2008 21:17:17 -0500

On Mon, Mar 3, 2008 at 6:27 PM, y i y u s <> wrote:

> > well, I agree that the current Xinerama support is also not the
> > way to go. First of all it is far to complex in the code for
> > the benefit it implements. And around 90% of all dwm users have
> > no Xinerama or Multihead support in my eyes.
> >
> > So I believe a real invention will be a tile() with Xinerama
> > support instead and a status bar which can be positioned more
> > flexible (just using a certain screen only to save screen real
> > estate).
> >
> As one of the users with just one monitor, I'm very happy with this
> decision. Anyway, I will keep thinking about a good xinerama
> implementation.
> But what I would really like is a pre-release of st, what's the new
> estimated time? I think we can forget about mid February... and a new
> dwm would be great too, with or without xinerama. Any idea about when
> all this will be available? (take your time, I'm just asking, you
> know)

I too like the idea of abstracting the Xinerama code away from the main dwm
codebase. Given the debate on design choices, I am sure people will like to
keep different Xinerama layouts. It will be a good idea to give all the
ideas time to evolve and incorporate the essential features into dwm core.

The bar is tricky...
I don't use dual monitors but I know that I will not like looking at the
"main" monitor for status information while I am working on the second (or
nth) monitor. If I were to take a shot, I would replicate the status bar on
each monitor with subtle differences in the content (say, for partition
sets, I would highlight all the tags for that monitor). If I wanted
real-estate I would use shortcuts to turn off bar display all together from
all screens. However, this is just my choice... the point I am trying to
make is that there should be an easy way to hack similar features in
Xinerama setups with dwm.
So, I would recommend abstracting drawbar in layouts[].

Also, I too am very interested in st. I tried fetching it from but I got a 404-Not found :(

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