Re: [dwm] visibility of focused windows

From: Alexander Polakov <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2008 17:51:30 +0300

* Joerg van den Hoff <> [080304 17:21]:
> question 1: should not the focused window be always brought
> to the foreground irrespective of whether it is currently
> maximized or not? it's even more irrating when you already
> have a few maximized windows and then open another one: the
> new window again will never be visible if you cycle the
> focus with mod1-j as long as it is not maximized first.

Just use monocle layout for that.

> question 2: is there a chance for real tabbing support (this
> would seem more important than xinerama support to me)? or
> at least a workspace (tag) specfic decision whether tiling
> _or_ tabbing is used for arranging windows? and, if tabbing
> is "on", some information in the status bar about _all_
> windows in the current tab?

Like this ? I posted a patch some
time ago, you can google for it.

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