Re: [dwm] still simplicity or featureitis?

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:48:49 +0100

On 3/13/08, markus schnalke <> wrote:
> With the multihead thing comming up, I realize a lot of new ideas in
> different directions. Changes became big again and everything is a
> little bit experimental.
> Also complexity increased and the code base as well.

i consider current tileh and tilev an improvement and more general
solution than previous tile

also window geom params now allows easy bottomstack, togglebar, etc setup.

the floating mode flag in the layout is a bit ugly

focus + restack is not optimal but i had the same feeling before

monocle has some problems (if floating then every popup window is
maximized, if not then it cannot be used as togglemax replacement for
floating windows and has other side effects) but it's a useful layout

imho current tip is not worse than earlier versions
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