Re: [dwm] found a nice way to do the setgeom stuff

From: Nibble <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 01:03:28 +0100

Hi there,

Here you have a geom which hides the status bar:

DEFGEOM(hidebar, -bw, by, bw, wx, wy-=bh, ww, wh+=bh, mx, my-=bh, mw, mh+=bh,
tx, bw==ww?ty-=bh:ty, tw, bw==ww?th+=bh:th, mox, moy-=bh, mow, moh+=bh)

{ "-X", hidebar }

{ MODKEY, XK_b, setgeom, "-X" }

Of course, to restore it you can set the geom you had before (single,

Kind regards,
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