Re: [dwm] found a nice way to do the setgeom stuff

From: Nibble <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 01:43:29 +0100

> However, I pretty much recommend not using shrink/grow in this
> way, but to stick to some usual geometries, with a bigger and
> with a smaller master area, and maybe a geometry with a hidden
> bar.

Yes, I agree. I sent a little "hidebar" geometry example (functional, although
buggy), but... maybe it is better to have 2 geometries for single screen
setup: with bar (Meta+d) and without bar (Meta+Shift+d); and 2 for dual.

/* with bar */
DEFGEOM(single, 0, 0, sw, 0, bh, sw, sh-bh, wx, wy, 0.55*sw, wh, mx+mw,
        wy, ww-mw, wh, wx, wy, ww, wh)

/* without bar */
DEFGEOM(single2, -bw, 0, sw, 0, 0, sw, sh, wx, wy, 0.55*sw, wh,mx+mw,
        wy, ww-mw, wh, wx, wy, ww, wh)

and so on...

Kind regards,
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