Re: [dwm] Documentation!

From: Steffen Liebergeld <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 12:19:55 +0200

Followup on my previous post to clarify and add another question.

Steffen Liebergeld wrote:

> Just have a look at that line:
> DEFGEOM(single, 0, 0, sw, 0, bh, sw, sh-bh, wx, wy, mfact*sw, wh,
> mx+mw,
> wy, ww-mw, wh, wx, wy, ww, wh)
> This is a true "wtf"! What the **** could that be? Could you at least
> document what this creature is? Do I have to read all the code, and
> understand it just to get the meaning of this single cryptic line.
> I am looking forward to get an explanation about this. And maybe someone
> could start documenting the code, to make it useful again.

The simple thing i was trying to accomplish is having the statusline at the
bottom an leaving 23pixels at the top of the screen free. How can I do

The other thing I wanted was to have CRTL-t,n (Ratpoison alike) bindings. Is
that possible?

Greetings, Steffen
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