Re: [dwm] Documentation!

From: yy <>
Date: Sat, 17 May 2008 12:21:59 +0200

While I partly agree with your critics, I think they are not very
helpful (with all the respect).
The 2 or 3 characters variable names have been there since the
beginning to define geometries, I don't understand what the problem
is, and I also find the 2kloc limit somewhat stupid, but it has shown
itself to be a good limit after all and when we have been near to it
in the past, it has been time to remove features. Maybe a
reorganization of the code is what is needed. I think it should be
more uniform: sometimes you have toggles, sometimes you have set
functions, almost every function does different things with NULL
arguments (this is the most unpredictable thing, IMO),...
I remember when dwm was going in the wrong direction with nmaster and
it was discussed in the list what features could be removed, and after
getting rid of it, window titles, etc, dwm was prettier than ever. I
think it is time to do it again.
This is a list of what I don't like/use in dwm:
- Geom stuff (already removed, I know), though I'm concerned people
with 2 monitors need a solution.
- Different layouts, the only one I occasionally use is monocle, but
because of it we needed(?) the ugly stuff of lt->isfloating and
remember floating geometries. The only use I do of the floating layout
is to raise a tiled window...
- I don't like at all remembering floating geometries (and I wrote the
patch, heh!)
- I have never used the reapply thing with Mod+R, but I can live with it.
So, to sum up, what I think is stopping dwm is a really good solution
for xinerama setups and maximize/monocle (maybe we could try with
Anselm's idea of restoring geometries in focus changes? I could give
it a try...).
Another interesting idea could be a list in the web of past dwm
releases with the features of each one, while there are no important
bugs I don't see any problem with using an old dwm.

Well, enough talking for now, let's write some patches, regards,

- yiyus || JGL .
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