[dwm] move to lower tab, hide status bar and map the arrow keys

From: Oren Golan <orengolan_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 00:11:23 -0700

I just installed dwm after trying awesome and xmonad and I love it!
4 questions:

I added a method for 'next tab' and it works:
nexttag(const char *arg) {
        unsigned int i, j;

        memcpy(prevtags, seltags, sizeof seltags);
        for (i = 0; i < LENGTH(tags); i++) {
                if (seltags[i])
                        j = (i + 1) % LENGTH(tags);
                seltags[i] = False;
        seltags[j] = True;

now i am trying to add a prevtag method.
i replaced the (i + 1) with (i - 1) but it's not working correctly-
when i am in tab 0 it jumps to tab 4 instead of tab 9.

someone in irc told me that since i is unsigned i get underflow.
what do u think?

how can I hide the status bar? (like mod+b in awesome)

how do i map the arrow keys? is it something like this?
{ MODKEY, XK_left, prevtag, NULL }

the default keys to switch between tabs are alt+#.
these are the same keys used by firefox to switch between tabs.
how do you solve it?

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