Re: [dwm] Border on fullscreen WINE apps and tag masks

From: Alex Matviychuk <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 12:13:09 -0700

Thanks for the great explanation. The masking bit makes sense now,
however, I'm still having trouble with the behavior.

xprop reads as follows:

WM_CLASS(STRING) = "stalonetray", "stalonetray"

In my config.def.h, I have this:

/* tagging */
static const char tags[][MAXTAGLEN] = { "main", "web", "tmp", "sys" };

static Rule rules[] = {
        /* class instance title tags mask
 isfloating */
        { "stalonetray", NULL, NULL, 1 << 3, True },

When I startup stalonetray from .xinitrc or manually through dmenu, it
ends up in whichever tagview I'm in and not in the 4th tag "sys". Is
there something I'm missing?

>> 2.) I enjoy the occasional old game through WINE, but when I start up
>> a game and it goes fullscreen, there is a border around the window and
>> a little bit of the game window is hidden. Not a big deal, but is
>> there a way to fix this?
> does it occure with floating layout as well?
> if not then try to set the wine window floating in the rules.

I tested some more and I get the border in float layout and float
layout+maximized. In float layout I have found that I can click drag
the app to hide the border by moving it up and to the left 1 pixel.
This is kind of a cumbersome process and the window seems to reset to
the offset position with a border around it whenever the game reloads
a level and the window refreshes.

I've resorted to firing up twm for my gaming, haha. I'm thinking of
compiling a dwm with borders set to 0 and running that version for
games... again not the most elegent strategy, but I do like a border
around my normal daily apps.

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