Re: [dwm] 5.1 is on its way

From: Antony Jepson <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 12:50:19 -0400


On 2008-07-29, Anselm R Garbe wrote:
> Hi there,
> I investigated into some fullscreen application issues which were the
> reason for rescheduling the 5.1 release.
> One issue is that theyoutube browser plugin fullscreen (1) mode ins't
> working, another issue is that certain apps like acroread draw a 1px
> border on top and left window side (2).
> I expected a bug in dwm, but there is no bug regarding these issues in dwm.
> (1) The problem is in the video browser plugin itself, it requests a
> window of the size 0,0,200,200 -- I can't figure out which properties
> are set/used on this window, because it destroys itself on FocusOut
> (which makes tools like xprop unusable). There are chances this plugin
> expects some EWMH hints, but I can't tell if it makes it hard to
> determine any. I didn't spent more time on this because I don't care
> so much about youtube fullscreen (the normal video quality is poor
> already).
> (2) This is definately some bug in acroread. It creates a fullscreen
> window when in floating mode, however, even if it requests a 0px boder
> it ends up with a 1px border due to some brokeness inside acroread
> (obviously it re-uses the border pixel value of the main window, which
> is unmapped during the fullscreen mode).
> So there is nothing to fix, except you noticed another fullscreen related issue.
> Let me know, otherwise I will release the tools tomorrow.

I don't know if you remember this post:

On 2008-06-21, Arun G Nair wrote:
> > Thanks for the new release. I see a slight problem with 5.0.1. I have
> > some apps assigned to some tags. When I open the apps I get a glimpse
> > of the apps on my current tag before they appear on their assigned
> > tags. Any noticed such a behavior ? Happens with GTK apps like pidgin,
> > aMule and GIMP

> Try hg tip, this might fix this issue for you and let me know.

I was wondering which hg revision/changeset fixed this issue. I hate to say it but
this 'flickering' is a feature for me rather than a bug.


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