Re: [dwm] dwm and dualhead

From: Mate Nagy <>
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2008 10:18:47 +0100

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 09:39:19AM +0100, yy wrote:
> on this list and, if somebody finds a great _general_ solution (which
> seems difficult, but I would be love to be wrong), I'm sure Anselm
> would be glad to include it in the official release.
> Just my 2cts,
 I don't see anything "difficult" about this. In fact, awesome generally
gets this right. This is what I want from dwm:

 - handle each xrandr screen separately
         including all data structures, so different layout, client set,
        tagging, etc.
 - draw statusbar everywhere (from the same input text)
 - have a key-bindable function for:
         - changing between screens
        - move window to another screen
 - do something semi-intelligent when a screen with clients goes away,
    e.g. put clients in previous/next screen oslt.

 Basically, it should behave as multiple separate dwms, except that
clients can be sent from screen to screen and all dwms have the same

 Speculation: in this configuration, especially when changing between
screens, moving the mouse pointer to the location of the focus might be
more important/desirable. This might be a compile-time option or patch..

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