Re: [dwm] No Border Behaviour

From: David Whittington <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 18:20:51 -0500

>>> I think, this doesn't make much sense. My proposed conception of borderless
>>> clients seems more reasonable and intuitive to me. If you take borders not
>>> as decoration (as some window manager do), but instead as separating
>>> entities, that are used to distinguish windows, it makes sense to omit the
>>> borders if only one particular window is visible, because they aren't
>>> serving any purpose. In others words: borders are superfluous in that case.
>> I think that is exactly how the current dwm implementation is supposed
>> to be -- I never said anything different to that (at least not that I
>> intended it).
>> Kind regards,
>> --Anselm
> I agree with Matthias. The purpose of a border is to separate one
> client from another. If there is only one client visible at a given
> time (i.e. monocle) then borders in my opinion are a waste of space.
> So borders should be set to 0 whenever the layout is monocle,
> regardless of the number of clients tagged under the selected tag(s).
> -voltaic

It is possible for multiple clients to be visible at the same time in
monocle if one or more of them is floating.

- David
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