Re: [dwm] Suckess Code Management

From: Amit Uttamchandani <>
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2009 00:46:15 -0700

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:52:26 -0300
Brendan MacDonell <> wrote:


> * Text Editor: vile. I prefer the statically compiled lexers for
> syntax highlighting as it means that I never have to contend with the
> limited context and broken highlighting caused by starting vim at a
> line in the middle of a large function. The binary is still smaller
> than vim, @ 1.4MB with all of the filters compiled in, and there's few
> configuration files to load.

I just looked at vile...very cool app. Haven't figured out all the
commands yet but I'm quite happy that it supports verilog syntax
highlighting. Can you do vertical splits or file browsing within vile?

> * TODO/Bug tracking/Notes: I keep track of my Todo list and other info
> with a 1.3KLOC (C++) utility I wrote to handle tagged notes from the
> command line. Maybe I'll get around to writing up a readme and
> releasing it soon.
> * Compilers: GCC/G++/Gambit-C (scheme).

I'd very interested in this.

> Brendan MacDonell

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