[dwm] Gemini Terminal manager for gnome

From: Thijs Vermeir <thijsvermeir_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 12:05:09 +0100

Hello all,

I did like to announce a project of mine, gemini terminal manager.
It's a terminal
manager for gnome heavily inspired by DWM window manager. (or at least
the behavior of it)
I started creating this because currently there is no alternative for
a tiled terminal manager
in gnome/kde/... and sometimes you need to run another window/desktop
manager for work or pleasure. Ok, there are some other terminal
programs like terminator that try todo something but I fail to use
them without the mouse, so they don't increase the speed of my
workflow in gnome.

It supports the main features from DWM like tiles, tags and layouts.
So you can have a terminal on multiple tags, switch layouts,...all
without using the mouse.

The bad part for suckless people, it's build with recent higher-level
technologies like waf, vala and vte. So it's not small and
minimalistic in the core, but that is also not my intension (and
probably does not make much sense if you need to run gnome), and it's
not finished yet. (you have to configure key bindings in the source
code). But I guess that last one can't be the problem ;-)

But It improves already my workflow when I'm inside a
gnome-environment, so it's usable already.

All feedback bad or good is welcome off course.


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