Re: [dwm] [OT] Reputable online computer shops in Germany?

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Date: Sat, 9 May 2009 19:30:12 +0200


* Adam <> [2009-05-09 11:50]:
> Hello, I am considering getting an eee pc or something similar, and am
> trying to compare prices.

I am considering buying a netbook in the very near future, too. You might
share your criteria and the results of your comparison -- I at least would
be interested in that.

My requirements are pretty simple in my opinion, but I get the impression
they seem not to be very common ... Instead current offers are bloated with
stuff I am only using once per year or not at all.

- silent (very silent pls)
- light (up to 1.2kg)
- above 3(.5) hours of battery life (text input)
- usable keyboard (best seen so far is the one of HP mini, fell in love
  with it, actually; but lenovo's one is not that bad, too)
- 8.9 inch display or bigger
- as small dimensions as possible
- more than 8 GB internal drive (I think 16 to 32 GB would be perfect.
  unlike most of them having 100GB+ ...)

The problem with deciding whether some requirement is satisfied is not that
simple: e.g. reviews on battery life are based on Win XP or SomeLinux+KDE
or whatever, and if they say 2.5 hours how much does it mean for me with
debian+dwm or without X at all?

If someone has experience with these things, pls share.

> I currently live in germany but the only
> store i have bought from here before is "bora computer" which is ok,
> but I am looking for a few more data points. I am wondering if there
> are some good online shops dwm users in germany can recommend. For
> laptops and also general things (ram, drives, etc) would be
> helpful...maybe comparable to in the u.s. if you are
> familiar. seems more expensive that the .com version for
> some reason. One I found is --- are they ok? Any
> recommendations?

I cannot recommend anything, but for more data points you can just type in
any search engine 'preisvergleich eee pc' or 'preisvergleich netbook' or
'preisvergleich computer zubehoer' and examine the top 10-15 search results
for what online shops they offer.

In the past, I used to visit because I
liked their advanced search and comparison, but now they don't offer
(anymore?) the currently for me most interesting netbooks.

Hope this helps.

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