Re: [hackers] [PATCH] [sent] Quick patch to replace png with farbfeld

From: ACE <>
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:07:01 +0100

> Farbfeld is an intermediate format that is easy to parse and emit.
> Sent can use pipe + fork + exec. This is similar to how tar handles
> compressed archives.

I feel like this introduces extra dependencies; but I suppose you're
right in that it handles compression. In the slcon2 presentation it
seemed like bzip2 performed well - which is cool.

I would like to add another point:

Imagine publishing the slides with farbfeld images to the public.

I don't see farbfeld as a viable format to publish data today. I'm not
hating on the farbfeld format, it just doesn't seem like it will get
the widespread adoption to be a viable format to use when publishing

I would compare farbfeld with *.xdoc format; my machines currently have
no way of opening them. My current process of opening *.xdoc documents
involves borrowing a pc with MS word on it and convert it to PDF.
Why insist on obfuscating the data? (as in lack of support of using the
farbfeld format)
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