Re: [hackers] [PATCH] [sent] Quick patch to replace png with farbfeld

From: Markus Teich <>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2015 00:37:00 +0100


Dimitris Papastamos wrote:
> I would be inclined to keep regex matching. 2ff is a helper. One can imagine
> piping gnuplot files to generate graphs.

But then we have to adapt it to use `sh` to exec the bin from the filter array.
Otherwise we cannot use pipelines like `gnuplot bla | 2ff`. Or how would you do

As I see 2ff, it is a helper which converts any input file to a farbfeld file.
This is the exact thing sent needs, so I would rather build the gnuplot pipeline
into 2ff script. The other way arround if you could use gnuplot files in sent,
but not with 2ff would exclude users who may want to generate a farbfeld diagram
not used in a presentation.

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