Re: [hackers] [PATCH] [sent] Quick patch to replace png with farbfeld

From: Dimitris Papastamos <>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2015 09:16:52 +0000

On Wed, Dec 09, 2015 at 12:37:00AM +0100, Markus Teich wrote:
> Heyho,
> Dimitris Papastamos wrote:
> > I would be inclined to keep regex matching. 2ff is a helper. One can imagine
> > piping gnuplot files to generate graphs.
> But then we have to adapt it to use `sh` to exec the bin from the filter array.
> Otherwise we cannot use pipelines like `gnuplot bla | 2ff`. Or how would you do
> that?
> As I see 2ff, it is a helper which converts any input file to a farbfeld file.
> This is the exact thing sent needs, so I would rather build the gnuplot pipeline
> into 2ff script. The other way arround if you could use gnuplot files in sent,
> but not with 2ff would exclude users who may want to generate a farbfeld diagram
> not used in a presentation.

Hm, yes I guess that makes sense then.
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