[hackers] [sinit] patch: fix makefile

From: Evan Gates <evan.gates_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 10:42:54 -0700

don't use suffix rule def.h.h as it overwrites config.h when
config.def.h is updated
remove LDLIBS as it's not used
.PHONY: takes targets as prerequisites not as commands

sinit-makefile_changes.diff: some optional/style based changes to be
applied after sinit-makefile_fixes.diff
specify .POSIX: (already POSIX compliant, let's enforce POSIX behavior)
clear suffix list and only include .c as it's all we need
specify suffix rule .c to build binary and skip .o as it's not needed
remove LD as we're not using it anymore
remove OBJ as we're not building objects anymore
remove unnecessary input redirection for sed
in clean, remove all sinit tarballs not just for current VERSION

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