Re: [hackers] [surf] modal browsing

From: Lucas Gabriel Vuotto <>
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2017 12:28:09 -0300

Hello ssd,

Patches should be inlined, as it's easier to reply to chunks.

One chunk assigns .b field of Arg union, which doesn't exists and is never used in the patch. It should assign .i instead. The rest of the patch reads ok.

As for opinions, I'm not a fan of modal modes, so I think it would work better as a patch in the wiki and not in mainline.


On 09/02/17 20:59, ssd wrote:
> Hi,
> modal browsing hasn't been first class citizen in surf. but given the
> recent activity in adding features and webkit2 may be there is a
> slightly better chance now.
> attached is another rewrite of the modal browsing patch.
> I find particularly appealing the fact that when implemented in the
> browser code, it is independent of the JS loading policy. (AFAIR there
> are alternative implementations as plug-ins which can be adapted and used
> in .surf/script.js.)
> what the patch provides:
> - command line switch to enable modes
> - the default behaviour is unchanged
> - when enabled, modes resemble 2 vi inspired modes: "insert mode" and "normal mode"
> - insert mode is equivalent to the default behaviour
> - in normal mode, the MODKEY is assumed pressed, i.e. the bindings are
> active without pressing MODKEY.
> in addition:
> - the patch shifts around some default bindings in config.def.h to make
> the new functionality more consistent.
> cheers
> --s
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