[hackers] sfakeroot (announce?)

From: Richard Ipsum <richardipsum_AT_vx21.xyz>
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2020 17:00:19 +0200


For a while I've been writing some tests which cover basic POSIX util
functionality, these tests have been quite useful in helping me find
bugs in sbase and other implementations. Recently though I wrote some
tests that would normally have required root privileges, but I didn't
really want to run tests as the root user if I could help it since this
is obviously potentially quite dangerous.

Initially I thought I could use fakeroot, but it turns out fakeroot
doesn't run on OpenBSD. I looked into porting fakeroot to OpenBSD,
but it seemed too difficult, so I've written my own tool,
which I'm tentatively calling sfakeroot for now.
If people think it sucks then maybe I'll rename it,
or maybe I just pretend the 's' stands for "simple" instead of "suckless" :)

The tool doesn't handle all the syscalls, but it does enough to be
useful to me personally, I figure if anyone actually finds this useful
then they'll send patches to make it cover the less commonly used

Anyway, I just wanted to announce this here in case anyone's interested
or might find it useful, if not then I'll just continue using this for
my own purposes.

If you are interested you can browse the source code here:

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