Re: [hackers] [svkbd] [merge request] various patches for svkbd

From: Maarten van Gompel <>
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2021 14:03:05 +0100

On 21-03-19 09:23, Maarten van Gompel wrote:
> > Thanks for the work.
> >
> > I've reviewed the patches. In general it looks good, but I've found a few
> > issues. Can you resend them to the mailinglist, then me (and possibly others
> > too of course) can respond inline which is the way we like to manage and review

> Thanks! Sure, no problem. I'll send them all to the mailing list.
> Looking forward to your feedback.

I wonder if the svkbd patches I submitted last week arrived properly and if you
have the opportunity to look at them soon?

(I only see 2 of the 24(!) patches in the mailing list archives, there
may be some caught in a filter?)

Once possible issues are resolved and things are merged we'd like a new
svkbd release tag (0.3.0) so I can pick up the packaging end for Alpine
Linux and we can subsequently do our sxmo 1.4.0 release, for which the
new svkbd is a major dependency.


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