[dev] Re: last request for a dev-only list

From: Alexander Clouter <alex_AT_digriz.org.uk>
Date: Sat, 13 Jun 2009 11:15:54 +0100

Jeremy Jay <dinkumator_AT_gmail.com> wrote:
> As much as I love dwm and suckless projects in general, I could really
> do without all the off-topic conversations by the same 10 people. If
> there will not be split suckless-dev/suckless-discussion lists I will be
> unsubscribing. I hate to miss all the good code and patches, but I also
> hate dealing with the other 90% of the emails and their associated egos.
> I'm sure there are others listening who agree.
I do feel your pain.
> Before anyone says to just add a filter, I do not have any filters set
> up (other than spam), to me the point of getting the emails is to READ
> them so if I do not want to read them, then I should not be subscribed
> in the first place.
Not so much a filter (okay it is :), but I have found using an NNTP
client with a score (aka killfile) particularly handy for dealing with
people who are unable to comprehend that 'wmii' != alt.politics

I suggest you have a look at GMANE and then killfile those muppets you
don't want to heard from.

I would normally side with you that *they* should not be subscribed to
the list in the first place and we should not carry the burden of
filtering their drivel. Alas the world is full of spam and as users of
the Internet we have to bear the cost :-/


Alexander Clouter
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