Re: [dev] dwm / add tabs / attach/detach functionality

From: Szabolcs Nagy <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 2009 08:21:00 +0200

On 6/23/09, Kevin Nagel <> wrote:
> e.g. left:xterm+tab(firefox), right:emacs+tab(pdf). now i need to
> look up an algorithm written in the pdf so i tab on the right to the
> pdfviewer and check out some codes with xterm. see what i mean? i

that's overcomplicated: you need shortcuts to change workspace, change
windows in a workspace and change tabs (3 different conventions)

you can do the same by having all the windows on a different tag so
you can view them easily with one keystroke (1 convention)

or you can set up tags so you have xterm+emacs, xterm+pdf, ff+emacs.. tags

> maximised, tiled, etc. is what i need, but i want to be able to open
> another (n-th) workspace, fire some xterms and try sth, and then go
> to workspace n-1-th to continue browsing.

this can be already done as well: have a shortcut for the 'next free
tag' (the maximum is 32 (or 64) tags)

> about the plan-9 thingy, but would consider the dwm code (one file,
> one place, one smile :O)). but is that a difficult thing to deal
> with? no documentation?

dwm code is legible (if you know c)

and most likely you don't have to modify the code much: dwm is already
quite flexible and it turns out by adding new features the result gets
less usable as of the complex mental model (you can confirm this by
looking through the history of dwm and its offsprings)
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