[dev] dwm and virtual mouse buttons

From: Fernan Bolando <fernanbolando_AT_mailc.net>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 10:08:40 +0800

Hi all

I have the following in xmodmap

keycode 117 = Pointer_Button2 Pointer_EnableKeys
keycode 115 = Pointer_Button3 Pointer_Button1

It allows me to use the keyboard keys on my laptop as 2nd and 3rd mouse button.

togglefloating doesn't seem to agree with my 2nd mouse button. It
hangs and I need to press my actual mouse button to release it.

This could be xwindow issue and I dont use togglefloating so I just
mapped button2 as resize. I just thought it's something you guys
wanted to know about.


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