Re: [dev] A lightwieight and working typesetting system.

From: Stanimir Dragiev <>
Date: Wed, 2 Sep 2009 17:49:15 +0200


* QUINTIN Guillaume <> [2009-09-02 14:28]:
> latex-beamer gives me very strange results when I want to insert some
> graphics.
> [...]
> \begin{frame}
> \includegraphics[height=3in]{info.pdf}
> \end{frame}
> [...]
> This does not work at all. The picture is cut, I don't know why and is not
> displayed within the page.
> Only a piece of the picture is drawn in some coin of the page.

Thinking loud:
There might be sth wrong with the picture, not with latex?
Maybe pdf puts some margins around it which shift the *real* picture far

Apropos latex-beamer and pictures: you might find tikz (by the same author)
more convenient than external tools for creating pictures.

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