Re: [dev] A lightwieight and working typesetting system.

From: <>
Date: Sat, 5 Sep 2009 11:22:35 +0200

* Mate Nagy <> [2009-09-05 10:19]:
> This is the most serious drawback of TeX. Documents should look like
> how the user wants them, not how the author wants them.

I think a major requirement is that the author (and user) need to be sure
that the user is able to see the author's stuff unaltered despite user and
author using different tools/environments. This, of course, for the sake of
understanding, or better -- for the sake of no misunderstanding due to
formatting issues.

The point is that the user is often *forced* to see a document in the way
his tool shows it, which might differ from how the author sees it, e.g.
due to different interpretation of CSS in browsers.

I agree, ideally, the user should be able to see the stuff in a way he/she
likes it, too. And this is not possible with a generated typesetted pdf/ps
document. But if the author provides the source code (TeX) too, this should
be good enough for the user.

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