Re: [dev] Talk about sane web browsers

From: frederic <>
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 14:18:24 +0200

>>> Maybe it is not that hard to do. I think it is possible to build a
>>> prototype using Lua with some GUI toolkit bindings for instance: the
>>> server would send the Lua source to the client, and the client
>>> interprets
>>> it.
>> Yup something like that. I guess you chose Lua because Lua is small in
>> size and pretty expressive as a language. There is also io
>> ( which I found to be small and expressive. It would be
>> nice if there was a neat way of making it frontend independent. I was
>> thinking about it more from a secure code execution + graphics runtime
>> perspective.
> There is also "neko".

This is only for a would-be prototype, guys. The choice for a particular
language must be made with regards to the actual needs; and creating one
if none of the existing ones fit the job is also an option.

> The problem is that I don't see the need of clientside scripting. A
> clean design should split presentation and data.

This is a bit contradictory: the benefit of splitting presentation and
data is to let some client pick only the data and do some processing on
it. So client-side scripting is welcome.
An even stronger argument is that it is impossible for the server to do
all the job when you're a server at for instance.
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