Re: [dev] [surf] patches: configurable file locations, bookmark writer, history writer

From: Ray Kohler <>
Date: Fri, 11 Sep 2009 08:56:19 -0400

2009/9/9 Mikael Sch÷nenberg <>:
> On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 15:31, Ray Kohler<> wrote:
>> The difficulty with using xprop to read and write surf's URL is that
>> even though I have the XID when the session starts, there's a risk
>> that it changes. Links may open themselves in new windows, or the user
>> might choose to do it with webkit's context menu. It seems
>> uncomfortable to require the user of a bookmark managing system to do
>> some manual step to indicate which window their action applies to, so
>> I chose to let the window initiate the action, as in these patches,
>> which resolves the ambiguity.
> Presumably, it's the currently focused window when the user creates
> the bookmark. Or is that too naive?

Depending on how the user calls their bookmark management frontend, it
may itself steal the focus from the browser.
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