Re: [dev][surf] Next schedule?

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 10:47:40 +0200

Anselm R Garbe dixit (2009-09-17, 09:26):


> identified. But first please really think carefully what's causing
> this mis-use of 70 tabs in Opera for you. That's surely related to an
> issue that has nothing to do with the WM or with the web rendering
> engine...

I think this is mostly my mind. It's the way I work with things. I keep
mails in my /var/mail spool until I sort them out (ie. reply/do things
and such), after which I either archive or delete those mails.

Same with webpages. I keep them open in tabs until topics on those pages
have in this or other way been sorted out (read, internalized, learnt,
given thought and such) after which I close the tab bookmarking it or
not for later reference. I find I almost never use those bookmarks later
anyway, google usually is better for that purpose.

So when I have my 70 tabs, there's lot's of information in the tab
layout. The stuff on the left is the old stuff. The stuff on the right
is new and mostly temporary (but usually given most priority when
working (FILO)). I can group tabs thematically by moving them together.
Tabs have little icons which let me quickly identify important points
visually in my tab history.

Since most my webpages are (luckily) more or less static and *not*
interested in taking keyboard focus, I can easily move between them with
single letter keystrokes. This is a crucial comfort item for me. Try
that with a wm...

Most importantly I can back up Opera sessions and also they are
persistent between X restarts/reboots. No wm gives me that currently and
probably should not, because it's not a wm's purpose (especially not a
dynamic one's) to preserve my tab layout and such. Don't say it's the
session manager's duty, because I am the ultimate session manager here.
If I don't need a browser after logging in I will not start it. But I
when I start it I want my last session reloaded.

Hope this explains my POV better. And I wouldn't call it mis-use easily.


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