Re: [dev][surf] Next schedule?

From: Jessta <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2009 18:54:01 +1000

I tend to use tabs as a stack of temporary bookmarks, I navigate to a
page and open all the links I want to see on to tabs, closed that
pages and move through all the tabs, it pretty much makes the back
button redundant.

Mostly I'm just putting things on the stack or pulling them off, I
don't tend to go back to a tab I've previously been at, so it's always
bugged me that firefox thinks it needs to load all my tabs and keep
them in memory constantly.

I have this idea of a stack based browser, where instead of opening a
new window(or tab) it just adds the link to a stack(maybe using
vertical dmenu), that I can pull stuff off.

- Jesse

On 17/09/2009, Anselm R Garbe <> wrote:
> 2009/9/17 Antoni Grzymala <>:
>> Anselm R Garbe dixit (2009-09-16, 14:48):
>>> > I wonder if there is a schedule for the next developpment on surf. Is
>>> > it planned to add multi-tab support? If no, I guess I'll take a look
>>> > at the code and submit an ugly-but-functional patch.
>>> I think tab support in firefox/IE/chrome/Safari/Opera is just a ugly
>>> workaround due to the limitations present in floating desktop
>>> environments. Tab support is the WMs job -> use dwm and it'll work
>>> like a charm to use tags and layouts in conjunction with surf.
>> I usually have about 70 tabs open in Opera (and often lots more). Since
>> Operas tab manager is *specialized* for this number of fullscreen
>> windows it works well. I can easyli navigate those using single-letter
>> keystrokes.
> I'm not sure that having 70 tabs open is sensible and really I can't
> imagine that this could be any useful.
> This must clearly be a problem with the browser's UI if it encourages
> you to keep all tabs open. I mean there should be much better ways to
> manage web sites you look at. I never found the bookmarking in
> browsers convenient which could be also the reason why others like you
> end up with plenty open tabs.
>> This isn't possible or sensible in a wm which is designed for a somewhat
>> different purpose and with rather different number of clients in mind.
> dwm is designed with arbitrary amounts of clients in mind. The default
> tiled layout isn't admittedly, it serves a different purpose. But the
> internals of the tagging/viewing concept are and it comes down to a
> good layout management in the end. I can't see a single reason why dwm
> shouldn't be able to manage your browser tabs.
>> Stop this wm lunacy. dwm is just as limited for that purpose as is your
>> next non-tiling WIMP-based window manager. Opera's built-in wm is a good
>> workaround for that problem, I don't see in what way it is ugly (and it
>> works already).
> I'm always open for improvements if there is a good reason and cause
> identified. But first please really think carefully what's causing
> this mis-use of 70 tabs in Opera for you. That's surely related to an
> issue that has nothing to do with the WM or with the web rendering
> engine...
> Kind regards,
> Anselm

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