Re: [dev] Question upgrading dwm

From: Anselm R Garbe <>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2009 08:31:08 +0100

Hi David,

2009/9/22 David Neu <>:
> My apologies if this has been addressed on the list, but I just
> upgraded from dwm 5.5 to dwm 5.6.1, and the following features using
> the default config.h don't seem to be working

Are you sure you use vanilla dwm-5.6.1?

The symptoms you see don't sound like you are using dwm-5.6.1 with
original config.h:

> - The title of the focused window is not showing up in the status bar
> (getting a 0)
> - The selected tags are indicated with a different color.
> Mod1-[1..n] does correctly change to display all windows with the nth
> tag, but the (default blue) color doesn't change to the nth tag.
> - The tags of the focused window are indicated with a filled square in
> the top left corner.
> - The tags which are applied to one or more windows are indicated with
> an empty square in the top left corner.

This is really odd and it must be related to some older config.h,
patch, or something else.

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