Re: [dev] up/down KB/s retrieval?

From: Guy <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 05:47:17 -0400

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 5:08 AM, Marco Rucci <> wrote:
>> Any suggestions for converting the output from megabits to kilo or mega bytes?
> man bwbar:
> Bye,
>    Marco


I had to "aptitude install bwbar" to get the kilobyte functionality
and the man page. The version I compiled from was lacking
the byte options...

[q9550 ~/bin]:$ bwbar -i -f /tmp/bwbar/ubar-in -t 5 -K eth0 10.0
[q9550 ~/bin]:$ bwbar: invalid option -- K
Usage: bwbar [options] interface max_mbps
Options: (defaults in parenthesis)
   --input -i Measure input bandwidth
   --output -o Measure output bandwidth (default)
   --text-file <file> -f The name of the text output file (ubar.txt)
   --png-file <file> -p The name of the graphical bar file (ubar.png)
   --interval <seconds> -t The poll interval in seconds (15)
   --width <pixels> -x Width of the graphical bar (600)
   --height <pixels> -y Height of the graphical bar (4)
   --border <pixels> -b Border width of the graphical bar (1)
   --kbps -k Bandwidth is measured in kbit/s
   --Mbps -M Bandwidth is measured in Mbit/s (default)
   --Gbps -G Bandwidth is measured in Gbit/s
   --help -h Display this text

Anyway - kilobyte output is working, now.

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