Re: [dev] Alternative for tabbing in web-browsers?

From: Alexander Polakov <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 20:12:14 +0400

2009/10/9, Jacob Todd <>:
>> dwm focuses new client.
>> Should your tool trick dwm, making it believe, that the client selected
>> (through a list as the desired client isn't visible to be selected with
>> the keyboard or the mouse) has "disappeared" from the X client list,
>> and then makes it "reappear" as a new one?
> I think we need to look at focusstack, setclientstate, and windowtoclient in
> dwm.c.
Sounds like a piece of crap.

>> Or a tool which gets informations direct from dwm client list, translate
>> it
>> into a human readable list and give focus to a selected client?

You can hack lsw to print window ids (if it doesn't).
I attach a patch for dwm to focus _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW and setfocus
utility to set _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW.

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