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From: Thomas Dahms <>
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 2009 22:00:54 +0200

On Wed, 7 Oct 2009 19:15:51 -0400
Kris Maglione <> wrote:

> > - pygmi has to be imported into This should be
> > documented somewhere.
> I rather thought that would be a given. Very rarely does a
> python script start with special variables or modules in its
> namespace, even when it's meant as a plugin. I suppose I may as
> well mention it, though.

After thinking about it, it is clear, yes. Forget about it.

> monitors['load'].active = False

That's what I needed. Thanks.

> > Find attached my and a screenshot showing the odd colors.
> Thanks, I'll do something about that, but it's not an especially
> easy fix.

The concept of is somehow in question when you cannot define colors there, imho.

> >I'd be glad if you could also have a look at issue 132, which is kind of
> >annoying.
> Sorry, I think I may have replied to the issue mail, which
> points to a black hole. Anyway, it works fine for me, and I need
> to know if there's any output from python when you try to run
> the menus. Also, are you sure which revision it stops working
> on? If so, can you post the revision hash rather than the local
> revision number? The latter can vary from system to system, and
> the one you posted has no changes to the python wmiirc.

Yes, I use that Google account only for your bugtracker, sadly one cannot have it without a mailbox.
Regarding the bug, I switched back to the sh wmiirc version for several reasons, but when I find some time, I will give you an update on this. I can however certainly say that there was no output from Python. I used vanilla, so there was only the error on the missing on startup, but nothing more.

Thomas Dahms
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