Re: [dev] [st] goals / non-goals for st?

From: Aled Gest <>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 20:42:19 +0000

It would be nice to see a features thread that didn't degenerate into
a competition of who's the biggest cock.

While I can understand why transparency is a bad idea, people have the
freedom to want whatever they want. If the maintainers of the software
don't want a particular feature in vanilla, and a person requests a
particular feature, all the devs need to do is state that that feature
will not appear in the vanilla source.

The great thing about suckless software is that it's so easy to hack,
it's simple and unencumbered and that's how it should stay. If people
want to branch off or create a patch to extend the software with
features they desire that's their prerogative, that's the beauty of
suckless software. If I want the features of the software I use
dictated to me I'd stick with Windows, if I wanted how I use the
software dictated to me I'd stick with the GPL.

I think freedom is an essential goal of suckless software, as is an
open discussion of ideas. People shouldn't be berated for simply
discussing a feature. If you disagree with something that's fine, but
why degenerate into personal attacks?

Now, in keeping with the original theme of the thread:

A feature I wouldn't mind seeing in st would be the ability to spawn
st as a direct endpoint to a pipe (not sure if that's already
possible?). This would allow st to be used as a quick popup to display
information, or as part of a multi-terminal application like an irc
client, without needing to spawn an extra shell or consume an extra

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